Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Favourite combo for a nude lip - affordable products too!

So I've never been a massive fan of the nude lip on myself. Especially not the 'concealed' lip look. It looks amazing on some people but me?! Nah! I just look ill!

When I've tried to find one that suits me I always end up going for a more of a light pinky shade than a nude. Well I decided a while back now, to try one from Gosh which was a brand exclusive to Superdrug I think. It has a wide range of make up and brushes too. I picked up the shade "darling" (currently on the Superdrug website at £6.49) and yet again found it to be too pale for me (although it has more of pinky peachy tone as opposed to a skin colour or concealer tone that a lot of pale nudes tend to have) I was trying out a few different lip products that I already owned to see if I could get anything to work with the Gosh lipstick. I eventually stumbled across my Revlon colour stay lip gloss in the shade "forever fig" I would probably describe it as a neutral brown shade with an almost purple undertone. It works perfectly on me with the Gosh darling! As it's a mild neutral brownish shade it just gives my lips that touch of shade I need to not look like someone from the 6th sense but the "nude lip" can still be achieved. Pictures of both products and swatches below.

I recently rediscovered my love for this combo as I decided to do a 1960s inspired make up look for new years eve (pic below!) and nude lips were popular in the 60's.

As this is only what I personally do I can't say it would work with every skin tone, however the moral of the blog post is persevere with your shades! Try and pair them with something else in your collection and you might end up loving it more than you think!

Hope this has been useful for someone out there and please let me know what you think! Everything stated is my own personal opinion and experience and I haven't been paid or asked by anyone to do this post 😊

Thanks for reading 😘

Em xxx

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